Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition

Be All That You Can Be With Good Nutrition

Good Nutrition : The human body requires protein, carbohydrates and fat as energy as well as vitamins and minerals. When you eat a well-balanced meal from the different food groups listed below, you will provide your body with the nutrients that it needs to function well. Eat foods that are rich in these different nutrients for good health and a long life.

Americans do not eat a well balanced diet on a consistent basis and should improve their eating habits to get the full best nutrition available. Such a change in eating can make significant differences in their health.

Here’s a listing of food groups and what a person should include in their diet for the day.

grasp the concept of healthy eating and improve your lifestyle

o Fruito Carroto The aioli factoro Include whole grainso Include two servings of dairy essential for ovo-lacto-vegetariano Include two servings of meat alternativebased on lean tissue (beef, chicken, turkey)o Include one serving of a fruit if at all possibleo Do not include processedo Do not include refinedo Reduce the amount of sugar used in youro Food items should be low fat

o Food items to achieve low-fat nutrition

o Orangeso Appleso Cantaloupeo Broccolio Tomato surpasses a cup of cherry tomatoeso Carrotso Sweet potatoeso Green beanso Vegetables any sizeo Cauliflowero Spinacho Zucchini

o Vegetables any size

o Asparaguso Carrotso Celeryo Cucumbero Eggplanto Peppers (all types)o Onionso Bell Pepperso Spinacho Squasho Cucumbero Kaleo Pearso Okrao Cabbageo Beets and greens

o Fruits

o Melonso Strawberrieso Watermelon

o Don’t forget to include a variety of animal foods as well; fish, poultry, and meats have important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are great for brain and heart health as well as for normal growth and development.

o When selecting animal foods, always choose the leanest cuts first. The higher fat meats are much higher in flavonoids and cholesterol; these are notprotective foods and you want to limit their intake.

o When choosing fats and oils, always choose omega-3 fats and consider olive oil the best.

o All of the foods listed above are very nutritious so you want to make sureto include a few of these in your diet every day.

Daily Recommended MEAL PLAN:

o Day 1:

o Food 1 – Apple cider (1/2 cup)o Food 2 – 1 survival sports – Kettlebell squatso Food 3 – 1 tbsp survival rations – Quinoa (cooked)o Food 4 – Protein shake

o Hibiscus tea

o Recommended snacks – 1 fruit (1 of the above) and 1 of the following

o Non-alcoholic hot drink (200 ml)o One scrambled egg ado

o 1 hazard tub of low fat milk solids

o High fibre cereal (not feeling full to eat due to allergies perhaps)o 1 jug of the above

o Top up vitamins and minerals with the standard multi

o You may have any number of these at any one time throughout the day, conveniently packaged in to

their convenient snack size packs.

o You may choose any of the above options as your mid afternoon snack increasing the

Total calories for the day to date: 2, whats more – 160 grams.

o All the above snacks also contribute to the One-oot daily target weight, with the exception of the protein shake.

The Heart of Health and Fitness

The heart of health and fitness is not so much what you do, but what you know and how well you know it.

That connection between knowing and doing is what separates us from computers, which have no idea about clothes, trees, or gravity.

No matter how many times you see a computerized image of a body sweating and pumping blood you know that the image is not real. It’s been photoshoped.

Our bodies know the real thing.

The heart of health and fitness is not how well you eat, but how well you prepare your food.

preparing your food is the underappreciated key to achieving the results you want.

Most people want to eat food that tastes good, but good taste isn’t the only thing.

Good taste isn’t the only criteria for quality nutrition, but good taste is an important determinant.

Many Americans go through life gorging themselves on junk food. They rationalize it by eating things that taste good (junk food) because it’s cheap and easy.

But the more you eat high-starch, sugary, and fatty foods the more likely you’ll be obese, have heart problems, and degenerate your immune system.

On the contrary, the more you eat foods that are satisfying to your body but also nutritious the more you’ll have vitality. And that’s precisely the way it should be.

Quality over Quantity

The key to steadily increasing your health and vitality is trimming your portions and maximizing your choices.

It’s often hard to tell which foods are mini-meals and which are the big, full meals. But it’s not that hard to figure it out.

When you eat foods that are the size of the earth the entire contents must fit inside your digestive system; that’s the quickest weight loss I know of.

When you cut down your portions and sleepless nights are the price you pay, the energy you use to function will be more effective than the energy you use to stuff yourself.

It takes some forethought and discipline to eat the right portions and get into the habit of smart snacking.

On a recent business trip to California I went on a business trip for six weeks. Because the business fellowship was a host family I was on the road 24/7. The first thing I did when I got the writing assignment was to plan and order everything on my own.

It was astounding how much time it took to plan and order my own meals while being on the road the entire time.

It obviously wasn’t the first choice I made, but now I do it on every business trip. It’s just as simple as this:

· Set the date to stay

· Set the place to be

· Plan what to eat

· When to eat

· Wherever you are

It’s a whole lot easier to deal with a busy schedule. When I was traveling it took two hands off of work and planning my day.

By planning your day you also have an ability to stop worrying about what happens when you meet someone. You know you’ll always have that free time because you’ll always know what you’ll be doing.

Whether you own your business or work as a manager or entrepreneur, you need to think about your health and wellbeing.

And it all starts with you. Good Nutrition

nurture your health

organize your day

take care of your body

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