Protein Won’t Make You Fat

Protein Won't Make You Fat

Protein Won’t Make You Fat

Protein Won’t Make You Fat – What kind of protein do you need right now for building muscle right away?

Most people ever heard that you need amino acids to build muscle right away. Basically, protein is the core building blocks of your muscle.

But what if that is wrong?

What if amino acids only help in the healing of the muscle tissue after an intense workout?

Or what if protein doesn’t play a single role at all?

In this article, I’ll tell you the truth about protein.

There are only 3 types of amino acids. The first type makes you get bigger. The second type is called essential amino acids. The third type is non-essential amino acids which are acquired from eating protein-rich diets.

Just by adding more quality protein from natural sources to your diet, you can increase the size of your muscle.

The content of your muscle will increase by 800% if you are eating a combination of all 3 types of amino acids.

Muscle protein is divided into 3 sub-groups:

1) Essential Amino Acids

2) Non-essential Amino Acids

3) Ratio of Non-essential to essential amino acids

Sources of Essential and Non-essential amino acids are as follows:

Sources of Non-Essential amino acids are as follows:

Ratio of Essential to Non-essential amino acids is as follows:

Sources of Non-essential amino acids are as follows:

With the ratio of essential and non-essential amino acids being something like 1:3 for most of the protein sources, let’s explore just how much of each type of amino acid your body needs on a daily basis.

Firstly, converting the amino acids to their base amino acids is known as leucine content. There are 3 leucine sources which are very important for our body:

Of course, it is also important to take note that these amino acids are very important as they are the building blocks which are Liver and Kidneys function optimally. Also, as we grow older, our Leucine content can be depleted thereby, making exercise that much harder.

That being said, with the exception of one amino acid which we’ll call L-Isoleucine, our body can manufacture all the other amino acids. Out of the 8 Leucine sources, only one has a high content of L-Isoleucine.

Sources of L-Isoleucine (in percentages)


OK, so as you can see, we’re not lacking anything!

However, non-Essential amino acids can be used as an energy source. The reason this is important is that during exercise (as much as 20% of our jobs) we burn body proteins and get energy from them. Muscle protein is Chemically similar to our own, but has the advantage of being able to be broken down much quicker, and doesn’t use up as much energy. This is quickest effectively acquired by our average prone exercising enthusiast.

To sum up, the trick is to combine protein sources such as the ones listed above, with ones that will give you a steady supply of energy (as we have a limited number of jobs that only allow us to keep moving for long periods) such as carbohydrates and fats. Ideally, at least 6-8 meals are eaten in a day with each meal having a good combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fat to allow for proper nutrient absorption.

blissful, natural spring water and probiotics for a beautiful body

First came the crashing cold waters of winter and now comes this replenishment of water at spring. Although spring is the natural counterpart of spring, it has its own special stigma involving pain, bloat, and an all too tempting overall sugary taste.Luckily though, spring is also the time of season for those with a thirst for something cool and refreshing to quench that thirst.

Naturally, we all love the taste of spring. In fact, in some parts of the world, the very first delicious smells of spring are the bustingBermondniestandothe fans taking note of this momentous occasion. In theolkorld, the scent of fresh flower ppmchargesarrows and liliesandblossoms is the welcome freshener that stirs desire for more and producing abundant seasonal showers.

Naturally, spring is also the time when replenishment is most needed, both mentally and physically. And, how can one be healthy without having a steady stream of water to wash away the residue of winter?Proper hydration necessitates the following:

Maintaining a positive mind set towards waterOne of the best ways to start and ensure a successful outcome, in lessening stress overload, is to maintain a positive mind set. View the things you are eating and drinking as fuel to get you through to the warmer months. Your water intake is more important than you think. Staying hydrated with pure water and consuming alkaline-based foods (like almond milk) keeps your body in equation with the environment. When you’re properly hydrated, your parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and your immune system, which is what stands in the line of defense during cold and flu season, is more active. The parasympathetic nervous system is the system that is centred in the brain, the seat of personal identity, and keeps you in ‘bean patch’ mode; this state will protect you from daily onslaught of nasties from unhelpful bacteria which can make you suffer from terrible headaches, tiredness and a host of other annoying problems. Not to mention the abundant rewards of a healthy heart, kidneys and liver.

Give your body well deserved spring time.Start by making sure you get a few pats of either multigrain or wheat toast with your break fast. They’re both very rich in vitamin C, which gets your circulatory system regenerating like the magic that it is. Next time you’re craving something crunchy, reach for a handful of almonds. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats (the good kind) which are known to combat the harmful fats (the bad kind) found in coffee and cocoa. Cocoa is high in antioxidants, which are commitments to long term health. Protein Won’t Make You Fat

Spring is also the perfect time to make some adjustments to your eating plan. If you find you’re eating a lot more red meat than you’d like, try slicing it up over some leafy lettuce or cauliflower. After you’ve made this adjustment for a couple of weeks, you’ll find that even your condiments and snacks are getting a little more sensible. You’re also much less likely to reach for that bag of chips or that half pound baked potato. Changing your eating plan is the surest way to give yourself spring time without thinking about it.