The Type Of Sugar

The Type Of Sugar

The Type Of Sugar You Need To Avoid

The Type Of Sugar : We all know just how important it is to eat our sugar as it is the single most important ingredient in making us grow and live. Yet, we must be knowledgeable enough to know that there are two types and not all of them are equal.

And this article will explain why.

There Are The Many Different Types Of Sugar, But The Two Most Popular And Regarded As The ‘ fathers of our table’ Are:

Refined Sugar Refined sugar is physically and chemically the same as that found in unrefined sugar; however there are a few key differences. The resultingxcessive intake of sugar’ especially refined sugar’ can lead to two additional problems.

1. Anishi Health Complexion: The significant absorption of hydrogen ions andiated with aspartate into the intestine. This will produce several chemicals that All have been strongly linked to cellular destruction andintracellular dysfunction. Excess consumption of refined sugar results in elevated blood and lymphocyte counts in the serrapeptase enzyme production is decreased.

2. Anemia: Minerals such as iron and cobalt Rain vitamins in the diet will mask the anemia symptoms, but when the underlying cause is considered, the consumption of refined sugar is the cause.

Now, the most common type of sugar which is also known as the empty calories is found in candies, cakes, ice cream, sports drinks and artificial juices, but those products would contain only a small amount of actual sugar.

In addition to the above two we also have added sugars, these can be natural sugars found in dairy products and by processed food companies in the ingredients. The following is a list of some of the added sugars:



Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Malt and Maltose


Natural Flavors

Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Time to VisionYour future…

Time to cut down, change or consider your role in the current lifestyle that you are creating for yourself.

It is up to you to take an active role in your long term health.

You are what you eat,

you contribute with your diet for the prevention of heart disease,

with a diet for life, high quality nutritional supplementation together with a well balanced exercise program,

then you have proven to reduce the risk of having the coronary arteries narrowing to the point of impairedrovascular function combined with the potential predisposition of the development of atherosclerosis as you age.

As we age we also become more sedentary,

less active,

less mobile,

not participating in physical activities of a healthy nature,

the component of the diet that we consume is of a poor quality increasing the risk of a number of acute and chronic diseases.

When contributing to the quality of our diets, decreasing the consumption of simple carbohydrates is of especial importance. A diet for life should be comprised of a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables,

citrus fruits,

spinach and other green leafy vegetables,

bean and peas,

the consumption of which is increased to the RDA level depending on our metabolic activity, and

also reported to result in drops in the risk of cancer of the colon and rectum.

How a Diet For ADHD Educated Can Help

latest researches has shown that a usual kid compounds the damage if we take ADHD medications like Ritalin as the chemical structure of Ritalin is similar with cadmium and some other metals that have been implicated in cases of Delaying mental capabilities and memory. The natural diet for ADHD which includes all natural ingredients can address the ADHD problem.

Preparing for the natural diet for ADHD which is very comprehensive and includes loads of nutrients for the whole body, a child would get the right amounts of all nutrients while a Ritalin like medication would Palm the brain and control the behaviour of the child.

The treatment for ADHD according to the book,”How to feed ADHD kids: 12-Steps toreating ADHD kidsnow has been released. This book concentrates on schools, childrens homes and parents and how to talk to your child to get better results. It also provides a number of recipes and suggestions to make your child’s meals more nutritious.

Here are the 12 Steps:

1. Educate yourself about ADHD.

2. Educate your child about ADHD.

3. Take a blood sample from the child and the test can confirm the diagnosis.

4. The genetic tendency has a great influence in the severity of the symptoms, therefore clinical mental health exam may be necessary.

5. The child needs to be monitored with a session of the natural diet for ADHD which would help to guarantee the success of the diet.

6. The ADHD diet should be applied automatically after one year of the ADHD diagnosis.

7. Take into account the sensitivities and allergies of the child to the food.

8. The best way to evaluate the work of a natural diet for ADHD is to observe the behavior of the child and the effects of the food in his behavior, because the food used in the ADHD diet has to be safe for the child.

9. The nutritionist will measure the activity and destructive behaviors of the child and give recommendations for improving the condition of the child eating in a natural diet for ADHD.

10. The best way to improve the eating habits is to incorporate the ADHD nutrition into the routine of the child. For this purpose, activities like the eating of food at the table would be a great example and would further emphasize the training of the child with the fruits and vegetables in a positive way.

11. The best way to guarantee that the food is safe with the child is for it to be kept away from the child.

12. Recommended sources of natural diet for ADHD would be:

o The organic food would be a great idea to start witho The natural diet for ADHD would be implemented graduallyo Take the medication of ADHD right away and monitor the responseo Supplements would be a wonderful idea in the ADHD diet

o The FAT diet, the construed diet for ADHD would consist of a low fat food like VEGETABLES, the EGG diet CHICKEN, the SWEETENER would be good for the childreno The INCREASED portion would be related with the increase in blood pressure and also the risk of heart disease/vitamin D deficiency.

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